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sevvy23 ([personal profile] sevvy23) wrote2009-11-05 08:02 pm
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first post

hiya everyone!!

since it is my first post, i think i should introduce myself
a little bit, so here we go:

my name is sevy, i'm french, 25 years old, i graduated in history and in litterature last year, and i'm actually without a job, which let me a lot of time to spend on the net.

I'm crazy about a lot of things, most of all the slash... nothing makes my day like good slash story, original or fanfiction, wathever!

My otp are house/wilson, greg/nick, ryo/dee, sandy/zoro sirius/remus or sirius/harry, and jack/ianto, off course... i'm probably forgetting a lot of my men, but my brain is like this, sorry!

anyway, i'll keep going later,
so see you'll!!!!

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[personal profile] noxie 2009-11-06 10:47 am (UTC)(link)
Hi Sevy! Welcome to DW! :D