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2009-11-06 09:25 pm
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hiya, it's me again...

to keep going with my egoistical and self centered rambling, here are the
things i love:

_ the coffee,that is my real fuel for life
_ the tv shows, especially "house md", "torchwood", "queer as folk(uk and us)", "the west wing", "entourage", "scrubs", "dr who", "six feet under"... ok, i spend far too much time in front of my dvd player, but i totally assume, thank you very much!!
_ the books written by poppy z brite, jim grimsley, guy gavriel kay, stephen king and so many others!!
_ all and every kind of music, depending of my mood, from classical to rock, the trip hop or the opera, and some of my french men, mano solo, saez, debout sur le zinc, ect.
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2009-11-05 08:02 pm
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first post

hiya everyone!!

since it is my first post, i think i should introduce myself
a little bit, so here we go:

my name is sevy, i'm french, 25 years old, i graduated in history and in litterature last year, and i'm actually without a job, which let me a lot of time to spend on the net.

I'm crazy about a lot of things, most of all the slash... nothing makes my day like good slash story, original or fanfiction, wathever!

My otp are house/wilson, greg/nick, ryo/dee, sandy/zoro sirius/remus or sirius/harry, and jack/ianto, off course... i'm probably forgetting a lot of my men, but my brain is like this, sorry!

anyway, i'll keep going later,
so see you'll!!!!